Hey peeps,

Just to prove I have actually been working on creating this comic, I’ve started creating some characters that will possibly star in this comic of mine. The first set is Coach and Risky.

Coach is actually Dr.Goodman (a rather grumpy chemist), but Risky (turtle) is obsessed with sports, so he calls him Coach when they are creating and learning in the lab….its just a thought for right now…it can be approved but at the moment I am running off no sleep so the idea is a bit lame lol….anyways…its a possible concept that will most likely change, but hope you guys like my drawing anyway.

Peace out




 It sure has been a while. I am truly sorry for that. Work has really been keeping me busy. But its okay…I am back and with great ideas. I am going to go ahead and create a weekly/daily comic for you guys to read that illustrates the very science concepts I promised you before. Please look out for that and I will not let you down.






ROBOTS are cool, but….


ROBOTS are cool, but....

Getting a job is much cooler!

Small post guys! Just sharing the knowledge I just got hired today and will be working in a food and beverage company as a lab technician. Will be putting those chemistry lab assignments to the test. Must say it’s been tough trying to get a job that uses my degree, but I am blessed to say through patience and effort, I did it!

This is only the beginning of my stem career, and I encourage all others to stay strong and keep pushing forward.



Live Your Dream


A Chemist’s Point-of-View


So let’s say your in college. Freshman orientation…your nervous and excited for the days festivities.. minutes drag by as some old guy you dont know by name talks about how great the university is…and how blah,blah, blah, and…..blah.

None of that is important. What is important is that little sheet they give you that decides your major. If you were like some people, you already know what you want …

I’m gonna be a doctor!……you check biology.

I’m gonna be a dentist!….you check biology.

I’m gonna be a nurse!…you check biology.

and so on…..

Me on the otherhand-

(Well my mom wants me to be a doctor, but I really like chemistry…it may disappoint her….but…)

I’m going to follow my heart…I check chemistry.

Chemistry: Rule 1


Chemistry:  Rule 1

Meet my lab rat Fred. He’s going to be a big part of my blog which will illustrate concepts in science. Rule 1 is the first rule I learned in mixing chemicals in undergrad and I fear one of the most neglected :(.

So please add acid to water and not the other way around.


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Mooc List…how it led me to!

Standard provides tons of courses on various subject matters including STEM topics. provides tons of courses on various subject matters including STEM topics.

Mooc List.

This link led me to which showcases many courses in different subject matters ( software engineering, education, art, and even nanotechnology). Many of them were free and provided verified certificates after you completed the course. Just signed up for chemistry and analytical chemistry courses to get me back in the state of mind of learning science. Decided on heading back to get my master’s and thought I would brush up.

I decided as I make my way through the course, I would illustrate key concepts they taught me on this blog. Hopefully it will help me fortify the information and be a fun way of cementing it. Hopefully you enjoy my illustrations as well.

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Robotics + STEM: Creating and Programming with LEGO WeDo


Love the exposure to robotics for the youth. They should have things like this in every class room.

CAIS Commission on Professional Development

Workshop session times: 12:05p.m. & 1:25p.m.

As a new member of the CAIS family, I am excited and looking forward to the Teachers Helping Teachers Event on Tuesday, January 28.

Robotics epitomizes many of the 21st century skills, including organization, creativity, cooperation, problem solving, communication, fluency with technology, and collaboration. Leslie Long, Foote School’s science co-chair, and I use the STEM process and design challenges to help our 3rd graders learn these skills. We got the ball rolling with the marshmallow challenge that Tom Wujec describes in his 2010 TED Talk .  This was just the beginning. Our main objective was to have students build, create, and program. What better way to develop excitement than to tell our students that we would be working with LEGOs and Scratch. I’m not sure who was more excited or screamed louder when we started­­—the kids or the teachers—playing with, er, I…

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